Welcome to the Hair of the Dog Conservation Fund's grants program.

Welcome to the Hair of the Dog Conservation Fund's grants program. Born from a dinner conversation and a realization that we all have the power to change the world, our mission is to protect global biodiversity and inspire individual action. Our grant program supports conservation projects for wild animals and the surrounding communities. Since 2021, the Hair of the Dog Conservation Fund as raised over $50,000 to support in-situ programs, inspire action and protect the planet. 

Who Can Apply

We invite organizations that meet our stringent eligibility criteria to apply. This includes organizations based both in the United States and globally.


Eligibility Criteria:

U.S.-based organizations must be verifiable through the IRS Exempt Organizations Select Check online tool or the National Center for Education Statistics database.

For non-U.S. organizations, we utilize the IRS’s Reliance Standards for Making Good Faith Determinations or Expenditure Responsibility rules and regulations in determining eligible charitable organizations.

Organizations must operate within the parameters of all applicable laws and regulations.

Organizations must not discriminate in employment practices or services on any grounds.

What We Fund


We're interested in funding projects that aim to preserve vulnerable species and while supporting the people who depend on that ecosystem.  We are open to funding projects globally. 

Habitat Restoration and Conservation


This could involve projects to restore degraded habitats, create corridors for wildlife to move through human-impacted landscapes, or purchase land for conservation purposes. Examples might include the replanting of native trees and shrubs, restoration of wetlands, or the establishment of marine protected areas.

Anti-poaching Initiatives


Funding could support the provision of essential equipment for anti-poaching units, such as night vision binoculars, trail cameras, drones for surveillance, or vehicles for patrol. This support is particularly relevant in regions with endangered species under high poaching pressure.

Wildlife Monitoring Equipment


These are tools used for tracking and studying animals in their natural habitat, which is key to understanding their needs and threats. These might include radio collars or tags for mammals or birds, acoustic monitors for bats or marine animals, camera traps for remote wildlife photography, or satellite tracking devices for migratory species.

Community Conservation Projects


Funding can support initiatives where local communities are directly involved in protecting their wildlife. This might include setting up beekeeping projects to provide alternative income for communities living near elephant habitats, supporting sustainable ecotourism projects, or developing community-led wildlife sanctuaries or ranger programs.

Education and Outreach Programs


This could involve funding wildlife education programs in schools, supporting community workshops on human-wildlife conflict resolution, or creating educational materials (like brochures, documentaries, or interactive apps) about local wildlife and the importance of their conservation.

Research Grants


These grants can support ongoing studies related to wildlife conservation, from behavioral research to disease control efforts. For instance, funding could support the collection and analysis of DNA samples to understand genetic diversity within threatened populations, or the study of disease transmission between livestock and wildlife.

Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation


Grants can support the establishment or maintenance of wildlife rescue centers or sanctuaries, especially those that are critical for the continued survival of the species. These funds might go towards veterinary equipment, medicines, rehabilitation enclosures, or specialist food supplies.

Invasive Species Control


Funding can support the removal or control of invasive species that pose a threat to native wildlife. This might involve the development and application of biological controls, or the provision of equipment and training for local communities to manually remove the invasive species.

Grant Sizes and Duration


We offer grants up to $10,000, over a variety of durations. Specifics will be discussed upon review of your grant application.

How to Apply

Ready to make a difference? The following information is needed to apply:

  • Check your organization meets all eligibility criteria.
  • Provide a general summary of your project, including the focus species.
  • Specify the amount requested and upload a copy of your project budget.
  • Indicate what the funds requested from HODCF will be used for.
  • Specify the timeframe that the money will be used over.
  • List the measurable results expected from your project.
  • Questions?  Reach out to us at [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Us


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About the fund:

The Hair of the Dog Conservation Fund is a US-based 501(c)3 which was formed in 2021 and has raised over $50,000 to support in-situ conservation projects around the globe.

About Hair of the Dog:

Hair of the Dog Academy is a for-profit pet photography education platform founded by Nicole Begley and helping pet photographers around the world master their craft and grow their business.